The Community Servant Scholarship

About the Sandra Blake Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc.  

The Sandra Blake Memorial Scholarship Foundation is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization recognized by the New York Department of State and the New York Department of Education. The Sandra Blake Memorial Scholarship Foundation, also known as The SandraFoundation, is a scholarship foundation which is authorized to raise scholarship funds for students demonstrating financial need. In memory of Sandra Blake, the family of Sandra Blake strives to empower deserving students who need college scholarships to pursue higher education. The Community Servant Scholarship is one of five active SandraFoundation scholarships. The SandraFoundation Scholarships are: The Professional Pilot Scholarship, The Cadet Scholarship, The Road to Recovery Scholarship, and the Naomi Blake Family Legacy Scholarship. Further details can be found on the company website,
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This scholarship becomes available June 1, 2018!

The Community Servant Scholarship Eligibity Criteria:

1. Age and Additional Requirements:

  • Sixteen years of age or older.
  • If selected, scholarship funds will be delivered directly to your school when you are completely enrolled in an accredited college, university,  vocational or military school.
  • This scholarship is approved to apply to any of your education expenses.

2. Academic Standard

  •  For HS graduates, email a copy of your college enrollment  confirmation to
  •  For active high school students, applicants must have a minimum 70% cumulative grade point    average.  Email a copy of your HS transcript to

3. Community Service
 Community Service is successfully accomplished by completing any of the following requirements:

  •  Donate blood to any recognized organization overseeing an approved Blood Drive.
  • Donate a minimum of five clothing garments to any non-profit organization overseeing a clothing drive.
  •  Donate a minimum of five food items to any recognized food drive or soup kitchen.
  •  Give a minimum of five hours of community service to any local business or non-profit community event. Church service is acceptable.
  • Volunteer a minimum of five community service hours to any political campaign.

Upon completion of any of the above community service requirements, the organization you've chosen to give service to must email a letterhead confirming your completed service to

4. Do not forget to complete the Community Servant Scholarship Application!
Application currently undergoing updates, check back soon.
Email all questions concerning this scholarship to

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