The Naomi Blake Family Legacy Scholarship is designed to provide college scholarships to students demonstrating financial need.
To be an eligible candidate for this scholarship, you must meet the following:
1. Be a friend, family friend, or family member of Naomi Blake: This private scholarship is funded and managed by the family of the late Naomi Blake. You must be a family member, or recommended by a family member to be considered. If you are not a family member, please include a written recommendation by any family member to be considered for the scholarship.

2. Academic Criteria: Must present your academic transcript demonstrating a passing cumulative grade point average.  

3. Write an essay explaining the following: 1. Your relationship with Naomi Blake; 2. Good and fun memories you had with Naomi Blake; 3. Discuss ideas on how the family of Naomi Blake can better honor her memory and legacy. Please include proposals for the family to consider.
4. This scholarship is becomes available April 21, 2018!

The Naomi Blake Family Legacy Scholarship  Eligibility Criteria:

Mauricio Smith, recipient of the 1st Annual Naomi Blake Family Legacy Scholarship!

August 2016 - The SandraFoundation™ is pleased to announce that Mauricio Smith has been named the first ever recipient of the Naomi Blake Family Legacy Scholarship!
Mauricio, a graduate of Wilson Area High School in Pennsylvania, earned this scholarship based on demonstrating financial need as well as satisfying the scholarship's academic criteria requirements.

Mauricio is now an undergraduate at La Salle University; his major is in Marketing.

"This scholarship is a big deal for our family" says Kelvin King, President of the SandraFoundation. 
King says "never before has our family achieved such a milestone where we came together as one to raise scholarship funds and keep it within our family to help offset educational expenses. We certainly will do this annually moving forward."

This scholarship, named in honor and memory of Mauricio's late great-grandmother, Naomi Blake, is an honor considering that Mauricio is securing an education that his great-grandmother did not have an opportunity to secure.

This scholarship foundation, is named in memory of Mauricio's grandmother, Sandra Blake. Indeed, Naomi and Sandra are both smiling down from above.
Congratulations Mauricio and thank you to the members of the family who contributed to this milestone!

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Yonairis Smith, Recipient of the 2nd Annual Naomi Blake Family Legacy Scholarship!

June, 2017 - Yonairis Smith is the recipient of the 2nd annual Naomi Blake Family Legacy Scholarship! Yonairis was selected because of her excellent grade point average at Northampton Community College. In her own words, she pays tribute to her great-grandmother Naomi Blake - "When I think of granny I think of her light grey eyes which smiled at you while she gave a serious look.  Granny was the mother of my grandmother Sandra Blake. Even though she lived in Panama, and I rarely got the chance to see her, anytime I was in Panama her house was my first stop on the list. Granny always found her way to make you smile no matter how low your mood was. Anytime I think of granny, I either picture her on the couch during word search, or in the kitchen with abuela and tia Vuelma cooking thanksgiving dinner. These are moments with granny I surely will miss, but I also believe she would want us to continue certain traditions which kept our family whole; like thanksgiving dinner. In grannies name, I believe once a year the family should come together, and do different kind of events. For example BBQ’S, go to theme parks, etc. Even though our family may have some unresolved disagreements,  that should not keep us from one another. If anything, granny would want us to push our  differences aside and just love one another."

About the Sandra Blake Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc.  

The Sandra Blake Memorial Scholarship Foundation is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization recognized by the New York Department of State and the New York Department of Education. The Sandra Blake Memorial Scholarship Foundation, also known as The SandraFoundation™, is a scholarship foundation which is authorized to raise scholarship funds for students demonstrating financial need. In memory of Sandra Blake, the family of Sandra Blake strives to empower deserving students who need college scholarships to pursue higher education. The Naomi Blake Family Legacy Scholarship is one of five active SandraFoundation™ scholarships. The SandraFoundation™ Scholarships are: The Professional Pilot Scholarship, The Cadet Scholarship, The Road to Recovery Scholarship, and the Community Servant Scholarship. Further details can be found on the company website,

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